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Autocue QMaster/QPro Software Application Upgrade

R10 421,99 excluding shipping
Single upgrade to the latest version of software

Autoscript Folding Hood - 8"

R10 421,99 excluding shipping
Includes Glass, and integrated Light Shield. Folds flat for portability

Autocue License for Multiple Controllers (no hardware)

R9 984,09 excluding shipping
Multi-controller license

Litepanels Road Case Gemini

R9 966,57 excluding shipping
Anvil style case, fits one Gemini fixture with yoke Hard Road Case

Autocue Case for Medium Wide Angle On-Camera Units

R9 546,19 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Use with Wide-Angle Hoods with Glass Protective Case Transport and Store

Litepanels Hilio D12/T12 Oversized Softbox w/diffusion

R9 143,32 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Fits Hilio D12/T12 LED Light Modifies and Softens Light Output Comes with 1 Baffle and 1 Front Diffuser Includes Storage Bag

Litepanels Gemini Pole Operated Yoke

R9 090,77 excluding shipping
Pole Operated yoke, fits Gemini only, Pan and Tilt Control of Overhead Lights

Litepanels Quad Gemini Stacking Kit with Yoke

R9 090,77 excluding shipping
Connects four Gemini units together, includes yoke

Litepanels Snapbag Softbox Gemini

R9 090,77 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Softens Light Output Snap-Open Design, Fast Setup, Breakdown No Speedring, Fits Directly on Gemini Silver Interior Removable Front Diffuser

Autoscript Folding Hood -Standard

R9 020,71 excluding shipping
Includes Glass, and integrated Light Shield. Folds flat for portability

Autocue Master Series Digital Cue Light and Sensor

R8 670,39 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Full-Sized, Digital Tally/Cue Light Kit For Master Series Prompters 12" & Above Displays Camera Number from 1 to 9 Switches from Red to Green When On-Air Mounts Directly to Hood Tally Platform

Litepanels Dual Gemini Stacking Kit with Yoke

R8 320,07 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Allows Vertical Stacking of 2 Lights Includes Yoke and Hardware

Litepanels Snapbag Oversized Astra 1x1 Soft Bi-Color

R8 267,52 excluding shipping
Also fits Astra family products. Comes with 1/2 Grid cloth and Magic cloth

Autocue USB Foot Control with 2 Programmable Buttons.

R8 232,49 excluding shipping
Forward/reverse and variable speed foot operated teleprompter scroll controller with a USB connection. Compatible with SW-QSTART, SW-QPRO & SW-QMASTER.

Autoscript Blue Mounting Plate

R7 882,17 excluding shipping
Small mounting plate for tripod and jib applications with LED8 prompters

Autocue Replacement for lost or stolen QMaster/QPro software dongle

R7 794,60 excluding shipping
Re-programmed dongle

Litepanels Traveler Case Astra DuoPelican w/Cut Foam

R7 731,94 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Pelican Storm iM2750 Case Carries Two Astra Lights Multilayer Cubed Bottom Foam Dent and Shatter-Resistant Airtight and Watertight Press & Pull Latches and Hasps Permanently Attached Vortex Valve Soft-Grip, Solid-Core Carrying Handle Retractable, Telescoping Handle Built-In Wheels

Autocue Gold Plate

R7 619,44 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Use with 5, 8, 10, 12" Monitors Teleprompting Mount Plate

Autocue Custom Foam Carry Case for SSP15/17/19

R7 531,86 excluding shipping
Reinforced carry case to transport your Starter Series 15" or 17" Teleprompter

Autocue Serial 2 Button Hand Control.

R7 531,86 excluding shipping
Compatible with SW-QPRO & SW-QMASTER.

Autocue USB 2 Button Hand Control.

R7 531,86 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Compatible with All Autocue Prompters Operates Connected to Computer or QBox Ergonomic Scroll Control Wheel Forward, Reverse, and Next Item Buttons 5.9 ft Cable

Autoscript Legacy hardware backplate adaptor

R7 444,28 excluding shipping
Allows mounting of all EVO and EPIC-IP monitors to existing Autoscript on-camera mounting and hoods.

Autoscript Spare/replacement conference glass holder

R7 093,96 excluding shipping
Fully adjustable holder for GL-ESP. Screws into place.

Autocue Glass for Large Wide Angle Hood

R7 093,96 excluding shipping
Large Wide-Angle Beamsplitter for use with HD-LWA