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OConnor CFF-1 Basic Body & Handwheel

R63 025,62 excluding shipping
OConnor Main Bridge with Studio Rod Bridge (both 19mm and 15mm studio) + Swing Arm (C1241-1200) + Hand wheel (C1241-1100) + Driver (C1241-1600)

OConnor O-Grips Deluxe Set

R39 837,77 excluding shipping
OConnor Four O-Grips Single Module (C1244-1001) + O-Grips Three-System Rod Bridge (C1244-1002) + two Rosette Adapter 60-tooth (ARRI compatible) (C1244-1003) + O-Grips Switch Module (C1244-1004)

OConnor O-Grips Double Jointed Set

R32 602,46 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Single-handle Ball Joints Supports 44 lb (20 kg) Payload For 15mm & 19mm Studio & 15mm LWS Titanium Core Construction Spherical Stepless Articulation Allows Addition of Different Accessories Easy Attachment / Removal

OConnor O-Grips Single Jointed Set

R19 700,95 excluding shipping
OConnor Two O-Grips Single Module (C1244-1001) + O-Grips Three-System Rod Bridge (C1244-1002)

OConnor O-Rig Baseplate Set

R17 347,30 excluding shipping
OConnor O-Rig Universal Baseplate (C1257-1002) + Body Mount (C1257-1003) + Height Adaptor (C1257-1004) + 15 mm Horizontal Support Rods (18") (C1245-2040)

OConnor CFF-1 Studio Hand wheel

R11 942,61 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Provides Focus Drive Adjustment Eccentric Repositioning For CFF-1 Studio Setup

OConnor Swing Arm

R11 158,06 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Replacement Swing Arm For OConnor Cine Follow Focus CFF-1 Mounts on Either Side of Lens

OConnor O-Rig Universal Baseplate

R9 414,62 excluding shipping

OConnor O-Focus Hard Stop Handwheel

R9 065,93 excluding shipping
Product Highlights 1:1 Transmission Ratio for Photo Lenses For O-Focus DM and CFF-1 Systems Sets Min/Max Focus Points Performs Hard Stop Pulls On/Off Switch Disengages End Stops

OConnor O-Grips Single Module

R8 107,03 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Ball-jointed Hand Grip Solid Titanium Core Maximum Payload - 44 lb (20 kg) Single-handed Operation Full Hemisphere Locking / Adjustment 3/8 Male Screw / Female Receptacle Easy Attachment/Removal Compatible with Standard Rod Systems

OConnor O-Rig Offset Adaptor

R7 235,31 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Offsets the Baseplate and Shoulder Pad Two Points of Adjustment

OConnor O-Rig Kits Peli Stormcase

R7 060,96 excluding shipping
Product Highlights High-Density Custom-Cut Foam Watertight Design Press-and-Pull Latches Constructed from HPX Resin Two Padlock-Compatible Hasps

OConnor Front End Handle, small rosette

R6 712,27 excluding shipping

OConnor O-Grips Three-System Rod Bridge

R6 625,10 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Three-system Rod Bridge For 15mm & 19mm Studio & 15mm LWS Simple / Easy-to-Use Bridge System

OConnor LWS Rod Bridge 15 mm

R5 840,55 excluding shipping
Product Highlights CFF-1 Accessory Supports 15mm Rods Offers Lightweight Support

OConnor O-Grips Switch Module

R5 753,38 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Remote On/Off Push Button Switch Clamps to O-Grip 4-Pin Lemo Connector

OConnor Peli Storm Case with Inserts

R5 666,20 excluding shipping
Product Highlights HPX High Performance Resin Case Dent-Resistant and Shatter-Resistant Tough, Rugged, and Lightweight Airtight and Watertight Press & Pull Latches Unbreakable Molded-In Hasps Pressure Relief Valve Soft-Grip, Solid-Core Carrying Handle

OConnor O-Rig Body Mount

R5 579,03 excluding shipping

OConnor Flexible Drive Shaft Assembly

R4 794,48 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Extends Distance from Follow Focus Units Male & Female Sockets for Daisy Chaining Can Use with Stiff Lenses Single- or Two-Handed Operation

OConnor Universal Ring 114-55 (threaded)

R4 445,79 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Step-Down Ring for O-Box WM Matte Box For Lenses with 55-104mm Front Barrel Aluminum Exterior Ring Flexible Fabric Inner Ring

OConnor Universal Ring 150-80

R4 445,79 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Clamp-On Donut Ring for O-Box Mattebox Supports 134mm to 80mm Diameter Lenses Aircraft Grade Aluminum Exterior High-Tech Composite Flex Interior

OConnor Flat Studio Marking discs glow in the dark

R4 271,45 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Fits OConnor CFF-1 Cine Follow Focus Glow-In-The-Dark for Easier Viewing For Marking Focus Distances Use with Non-Permanent Markers Additional or Replacement Disks

OConnor Handwheel Extension

R4 097,10 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Extension for Cine Follow Focus One Eliminates Backlash

OConnor Conical Marking discs

R3 748,41 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Angled Marking Surface Use Wet or Dry Erase Markers For Oconnor Hard Stop Handwheel Fits Arri LFF-1 & MFF-2 Follow Focus

OConnor Flat Studio Marking discs

R3 748,41 excluding shipping
OConnor Pack of 10, for C1241-1100.

OConnor O-Box WM Side Flag Bracket Set (2 Brackets)

R3 312,55 excluding shipping
Product Highlights Includes 2 Side Flag Brackets For Holding Side Flags For Use with O-BOX WM Matte Box Features Four Mounting Screws

OConnor Bellows Ring (Donut) 150-114 mm (threaded)

R2 963,86 excluding shipping
Product Highlights For OConnor O-Box WM Matte Box For Lenses with 114mm Outer Lens Barrel Accepts 138mm Round Filters

OConnor Clamp Ring 150 mm-134 mm

R2 789,52 excluding shipping
Product Highlights For Lenses with 134-150mm Filter Size

OConnor Clamp Ring 150 mm-143 mm

R2 789,52 excluding shipping
Product Highlights For Lenses with 143-150mm Filter Size